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445hp LS3
Fuel Injected
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2008 Boss Hoss LS2 V8

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The Boss Hoss provides the following features:

Cruising speed: 1800 RPM @ 100 Kph.

350ci ZZ4 (5700cc):

355hp @ 5240 RPM
405 Ft/Lbs @3500 RPM.
Block-Cast Iron: 4 Bolt Main.
Cylinder Heads: Hi - Performance Aluminium fitted standard.
Carburettor: Holly 780 cfm throttle body.
Exhaust System: 2.5” with Dual mufflers.
Fuel consumption: 25 / 20 mpg

optional Cam kit available = +40 HP

376ci LS3 (6200cc): - Fuel Injected!

445hp @ 5750RPM.
445 Ft/Lbs @ 4750RPM.
Block- Aluminium 6 Bolt Main.
Cylinder Heads: Aluminium fitted standard.
Mulit-port Fuel Injected
Exhaust System: 2.5” with Dual Mufflers
Fuel consumption: 26 / 21 mpg

This unbelievable engine output for a motorcycle is transferred to the rear drive using a purpose built two speed semi automatic transmission (second being an overdrive) making the Boss Hoss one of the easiest and predictable motorcycles on the market to ride.

The transmission also provides reverse making it effortless to park even in tight places.

The power is finally delivered to the rear wheel via a maintenance free cog belt.

The Boss Hoss Super Sport (SS)
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